SMC 1-1/2 INCH Water Separator w/ Auto Drain 212 CFM AMG650-N14D

$289.00 $279.99


The AMG series water separator is installed on the air pressure line to remove water drops from compressed air. It is available in 7 sizes with a variety of optional combinations to meet your application requirements.

  • Water Separator w/possible modular connection
  • Water removal rate:? 99%
  • Max operating pressure: 1.0MPa
  • Options: Fluororubber material, medium air pressure, drain guide, IN-OUT reversal direction, degreasing wash, white vaseline

Long lastin filter element : replaceable element lasts about 2 years.

Auto drain system.

Weight : 9.4 lbs

Additional information

Weight 9.4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 10 in